OpenSea Testnet – Free minting NFT

Testnet is a common place where developers test their smart contract and applications before deploying to the real world. Artists are able to utilize the Ethereum testnet to try minting their first NFT with fake ETH.

Mainnet = Real world ETH in a real environment
Testnet = Fake world ETH in a test environment

Resources Needed

Here are the steps below on minting your first piece of the Rinkeby OpenSea Testnet!

  1. Visit the testnet opensea url at Ensure you are on the right page by locating the “testnets” text identifed below
nft opensea

2. Open your Metamask by navigating to the fox icon on your browser and changing “Ethereum Mainnet” to “Rinkeby Test Network”


3. Copy your ETH address and then navigate to twitter and make a tweet just using your ETH address. Copy tweet URL link and then navigate to and paste in your URL link from twitter. Select “Give me Either” and then “3 Ethers / 8 hours”. You should now have 3 ETH on the Rinkeby Testnet to mint your first test piece on OpenSea.

4. Follow this video tutorial guide to mint your first NFT and play around with your fake ETH on the OpenSea marketplace. Buy your first NFT on testnet. Make sure your meta mask is set for Rinkeby, so you are not using your real ETH.

5. If you need WETH you can visit and swap your ETH for WETH. Ensure your metamask is still on the Rinkeby testnet.

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